The Mobile Beautician – Beauty at your doorstep!

Dear Frenchonista’s,

do you have a demanding job, are you a mother or do you just never find the time to plan your beauty treatments? Do you or your partner love massages but prefer to be able to go to sleep afterwards instead of having to dress and go out into the rain? Would you like to book a spa treatment day in your very own home without having to go out and mix with the masses? Then we have the perfect solution for you!

The Mobile Beautician is Giedre Pankaite, a fabulous and kind young woman based in Amsterdam. She drives around in her cute Mobile Beautician car and does her treatments where ever you like. Here we are literally talking Beauty Delivery, or Instant Zen Delivery. Why should we go out to get a pedicure, a facial or a massage while we can get it right in our own home? And the beauty is, you don’t need to prepare anything, she breezes in like Mary Poppins and brings the salon with her.

I have been a Mobile Beautician customer since many years now and Giedre saved me lots of time. I have heard from mothers who had treatments while their kids were at home, and of those having pedicures while breastfeeding their babies. I myself have had phone conferences while getting a pedicure in my home office. She is flexible, trustworthy, kid friendly (she even brings balloons if she knows there will be a child around), highly skilled and a very pleasant person too. I would recommend her to anyone.

Check out her website for an overview of her treatments and book one for yourself or as a gift to someone you love!

xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista





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