Dear Frenchonista’s,

During Press Days last week we had a chance to visit, besides our own Fuse Communication, also some other very nice PR agencies. We don’t want to deny you Frenchonista Blog readers anything, so here’s an overview of what we liked.
(Click on the picture for a better view)

At JAMJAM PR we were welcomed, in the best way possible, by Melvin and Danny. They represent some interesting brands we want to mention:
– Property of….: Very nice bags and accessories for men and women might like some of them as well, like their elegant laptop cases and tablet pouches with tags on which you can have your name engraved. (
Samia Fell in Love with the wallet in the picture.
– Second Female: Scandinavian (Danish, actually) fashion characterized by chic simplicity.
– Jupe by Jackie —- there will be a post dedicated to this brand shortly, just keep the name in mind!
PS:GORGEOUS Brand! see picture of Bow Ties handmade in India!


At FUZZYSHOTS PR, where Samia visited for the first time , she saw:
– Embryolisse: The skin care brand that is super famous in France and that so many movie stars swear by (
– Minnetonka: The cool and relaxing moccasins and booties we all know and love (
– Make-up Studio: The real professional Dutch make-up brand. Check out their website, they really have gorgeous products (
– K-Way: The classic waterproof jackets that inspired many designers. there will also be a post dedicated to this brand. Stay Tuned!.
Thank you Fuzzyshots team for the warm welcome Samia received!



At SIMPLY PR we were received very well by managing director Madeline Mackay and her team. They carry:
– By-Bar: Web shop with very nice collection of bijoux produced in Rajasthan, India (we just saw the bijoux but on their site they have clothing and other accessories as well)
– Nikon: We loooove their mini camera and Samia bought one. It’s so cute!!
– L.K. Bennet: Shoes, bags and accessories; they will open at the Bijenkorf on Valentine’s day next year! Check out the shoes we saw…

So you see….too many gorgeous things to shop for, too little time….!!

xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista

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