Dear Frenchonista’s,

Please check out this camera! It’s a Polaroid from! They, a starting company, saw the need in the Netherlands for this type of camera (so hard to find!!), because you get the photo you want immediately and it becomes part of your fun evening with friends right away. Often enough you only get the photos long after the event or not at all (or you are tagged on Facebook and unhappy about the tag ;-), if you know what I mean) but we all know that Polaroid pictures are always gorgeous so we wonder why people still call it “retro”! It’s so much of our time because we want something tangible NOW and not…..well……later!

Samia got this camera, the gorgeous pink one (isn’t the design just to die for, by the way?) and is already using it to capture her moments with friends (and Chico!). Tonight she’ll come to my house and introduce my son to it too, because how surprised will children be when they see a photo come out of a camera instead of on the screen?

Lucky we post this before Xmas and New Year’s because it’s the perfect present! makes it possible. For not even a 100 euros you’ll have it delivered to your home!

xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista





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