Namasté Frenchonistas!

Namasté Frenchonistas!

‘My soul honours your soul, respect nature and your skin, then reflect this in your beautiful appearance’.
Don’t we all love a bit of ‘Rituals’ around the home? But all too often we are gifting it and not treating ourselves. Well, Rituals have come up with something very personal, just for you……..
‘The Ritual of Namasté’ is their latest skincare range. Natural, using only natural ingredients that have been obtained in a responsible manner, vegan friendly, cruelty free and free from a list of yucky stuff. It respects nature and it respects your delicate skin.
So, here’s where it gets personal…..take your pick!
For anti-aging, enriched with Saffron Crocus and Sacred Lotus to help regenerate the skin, minimising fine lines to give you a clear and radiant complexion.
For the younger complexion, with complex ingredients that help to restore the moisture content of the skin providing an intensely hydrated and supple skin. The natural plant-like antioxidants help to protect the skin.
The collection for sensitive skin which soothes and restores the skins natural balance. With special natural ingredients such as White Lily and Holy Lotus, this collection is alcohol and perfume free.
Designed for the more mature skin, enriched with Gotu Kola and Holy Lotus it contains formulas that strengthens and lifts the skin reducing the signs of aging and resulting in a firm complexion.
This is the cleansing range. The essential part of our daily skin care routine. Suitable for all skin types it contains Moringa and Holy Lotus to purify and cleanse the skin of daily debris, giving the skin a calm, fresh look.
The day and night creams also come in a stylish and environmentally friendly refill package to help reduce the environmental footprint, less waste and more care for the environment.
Spot on! We are all up for doing our bit to look after our precious planet as well as our precious skin.
So, go treat yourselves Frenchonistas!

Namasté from Nats





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