My Name is Prince and I am Funky!

Dear Frenchonista’s,

“Make the rules then break them all ‘cause you are the best” And breaking the rules he did.
Prince was a pioneer, an artist, an entertainer, an explosion of creativity and one of the best songwriters of our times.
As I walk through the exposition, his career and life flash by and I realise that it is literally impossible to think of the past decades and not have Prince make guest appearances in every single one of them. Armed with a headset, his music ringing in my ears, I catch myself dancing to his songs as I wander past the varied phases of his life and career.
It was of course not only about the music, but also about Prince’s unique style, which is so apparent in the huge collection of outfits he wore and the oh so many creative videos. Prince was passionate and a perfectionist which transcends in every footstep he took.
Thank you so much for colouring my life, making me dance uncontrollably and sing (terribly) to your songs.
It is undeniable that Prince brings back memories to all of us, a little big man who has left his footprint in music forever.

XoXo Sanne Emans for Frenchonista






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