Need a ride? Uber Easy! “Everyone’s Private Driver!”

Dear Frenchonista’s,

We’d like to introduce UBER, a luxurious yet affordable way to move around in the city and from city to city. Uber has SO many advantage over a regular taxi:

1. They have an App and with one click you can reserve a car and be picked up wherever you like!!
2. Taxis sometimes refuse to drive you somewhere, because it’s “just around the corner” (in their opinion, even when it’s raining and you have a heavy suitcase or a new hairdo) but UBER cars only have a minimum tariff of 10 euros and they’ll drive you wherever you want, even if it’s from, say, Central station to Spuistraat. Just select “UberBlack” on the Uber App.
3. UBER cars are beautiful and comfortable, offer a bottle of water for on the road and you can pay with credit card, no need to tip either
4. If you feel like an extra luxurious experience you can opt for the UberLux experience, with even more luxurious cars and the very best drivers.

We’ve already used the service and absolutely LOVE it!

Now the good news: We have a wonderful offer for you! Like and share this post and you will get a code for a 20 euro credit!! So download the Uber app (for free, of course, you can find it in your app store!), participate to this competition and get your first ride for free via Frenchonista!! Just follow the instructions when you register and use the promo code FRENCHONISTA

xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista
PS: you are welcome! 😉





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