Dear Frenchonista’s,

We simply HAVE to tell you about Nikki-Namasté!

The jewelry that former industrial designer Lydia Kielstra, aka Nikki-Namasté, designs, provides you with that precious feeling you get when you wear an item of quality that you can truly make yours. When you wear Nikki’s things you know you will be noticed, because they are original, and, more importantly, because they feel good. They say food tastes better when prepared with love. Well, the same counts for fashion and jewelry. Lydia’s lifelong dream has been to be creative and to make people happy in the process. Her jewelry does just that.

To understand what we mean, all it takes is one look at the gemstone tubes that Lydia has designed. They are sterling silver plated with a 3 micron thick layer of 18 carat gold or rose-gold. On either side they have a beautiful gemstone, such as Rose Quartz (the one I have!), Blue Calcedony, Black Onyx or Aventurine. The tubes are to be combined with big or small leather cuffs in different colors, so you can mix and match to your heart’s content and create an elegant or sporty look, depending on the mood you’re in. Her gorgeous pomellato-like rings, which Samia has, and which I will own too, one day, because I’ve been fantasizing about them since I laid eyes on them, sit beautifully on the finger.

When you order via her Website, your items will be packed in a super cute leather envelope. The way everything is presented makes the experience of giving (to yourself or to a loved one) such a joy!

I could just go on and on, because there’s more, but please have a look at some of the pictures of her jewelry and go to www.nikki-Namasté.com to check out the mix and match options and to choose a ring or a tube or earrings with your favorite stone…


xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista

cone black velvet

cone rings

Cone-ring Misty Rose



earrings red sunset



CUFF-S-Old Cherry-TUBE-ONYX-rose

CUFF-S-Silky Black-TUBE-ONYX silver

cuff big + scope rings

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