No soap, no glory

Dear Frenchonista’s,

These colourful products do their appearance justice. An explosion of fun and fruity sensations just jump out at you once you open them.
If you are a sucker for coconut and beach vibe smells ( I mean, who isn’t) then you can definitively not miss out on the ‘Buff and ready coconut body scrub’, it will take you right to that tropical island.
Besides having sweet and fresh smells, these products come in fun and original packaging, making it hard to just walk by without looking twice.
The product range is large and it has something which will tickle everyone’s fancy. From handlotion to scrubs to buttermilks to showergels and even make-up; Soap & Glory have carefully thought about who their customers are and how to meet their expectations.
Looking for a special gift? Not a problem, as the products also come in special selected collections and giftsets so you can treat someone to various products in one go.
Get ready for summer and treat yourself to these fruity ‘sweets’ and leave people dazzled with your scent.

xoxo Frenchonista

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