Not just any old barn, it’s the yoghurt barn!!

Dear Frenchonista’s,

We’re going to start writing about hotspots more and more, especially now that the winter’s coming and we need new cozy places to hang out! And we want to meet you there!

In Samia’s (and Amsterdam’s) lovely neighborhood De Pijp, for example, you can find a great new hotspot for breakfast, brunch, high tea, and lunch or just for a snack and a work/study session. Everything about Yoghurt Barn (not just the food but also the interior design!) screams Natural, Biological and Durable. Their specials made with natural yoghurt (including yoghurt for lactose intolerants!) are delicious, the service is wonderful and the ambiance is perfect for a nice get together with friends or go on your own, with your book or your laptop (yes, bloggers!!).

Samia, Katie and Ovo went for brunch last week and they were super spoiled (I still have to go, I adore yoghurt!) as you can see from the pics.

Have an Energy Explosion, a Merry Berry or a Crazy Cookie, or, why not, a Brownie Bango! Read more on and hurry hurry hurry to this new place to be in Amsterdam, open from 08.00 am!!!

xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista








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