Oh la la!!! ILIA!!!!

Dear Frenchonista’s,

I have discovered the Ilia makeup brand at Cosmania. The creators of COSMANIA introduced me to the brand years ago and I immediately fell in love with loads of their products.
Just recently I discovered that The C of Cosmetics (a new and amazing company, stay tuned for more!!) represent not only my beloved Ilia but also other amazing brands that I am very excited about!
These are my latest 2 favorite « Can’t do without « products:
First, the illuminator Summertime: Omgggggg i will never ever stop using it! Then the Limitless Lash mascara.
I rarely use mascara because somehow most of them always make my eyes itch. I heard so much about the Limitless lash mascara and my trust in ilia made me want to try and see! Well well well! I forgot I had it on… and yup… one night when I forgot to take it off it was all still neatly on the next morning and my eyes weren’t itchy at all!
All this story to tell you that, yeah, I love Ilia and always will! It’s just a trustworthy brand that will never fail you.
Merci C of Cosmetics to make me remember how Ilia is still there with everything we need and is still surprising us with newbies!

Bisous, Sam

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