Otentic – How to find your signature scent?

Dear Frenchonista’s,

Did you already visit one of the Otentic stores to select the perfume that fits you best? Samia did, when their new store opened in Amstelveen Stadshart and she really enjoyed meeting Jean Denis Saisse, the perfumer (from Grasse!!) who developed each and everyone of the 73 scents that Otentic has to offer. It was such an honour to meet her fellow national and it was so interesting to talk to him and hear the whole Otentic story. How often does one meet a real perfumer from Grasse, the magical city of perfumes? We really love the concept of Otentic because you get steered in the right direction without being influenced by bottles, brands or other distracting factors. You go straight down to the heart of the matter: What fits ME?

So how does it work?
You are guided to choose between various scent styles and then, step by step, you make a selection among all the scents within the styles you choose. In the end the idea is that you end up with four preferred perfumes that you try directly on your skin. It’s like a journey through a magical world of scents. Samia’s Moroccan roots couldn’t be hidden because she ended up with Lemonia 4, with grapefruit, ginger and moroccan cedar. Fresh and spicy, like the perfect summer evening.

Can’t wait to make the journey myself soon, and we are very curious to hear from our readers: What did you choose?

Read more on otenticperfumes.com or visit one of their stores, maybe make it an outing and go with your best friend!

xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista





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