Dear Frenchonista’s,

This summer Otentic Perfumes opened a store in Amsterdam’s 9 streets. Otentic was created by Myriam Nussbaum and Ivo Jacobs. The concept is clear: We see – and smell, all around us – loads of commercial perfumes and the real niche brands are often unaffordable and only available abroad. Myriam and Ivo worked with Jean-Denis Saisse from Grasse (THE perfume town in France) to create a great variety of perfumes designed to take notice of you and not the other way around.

We from Frenchonista are always on the lookout for special and pure products, precious things that makes us feel special. Otentic perfumes creates unisex scents in 8 genres, so you will know exactly in which genre to look, because, as we all know very well, a perfume smells differently on each and every person and once you visit the store you will quickly find out which of the 8 styles makes you stand out. What we are looking for is a perfume that makes us want to smell

Let’s not try to describe the Otentic scents; just go into their store on Keizersgracht 233 and get yourself a scent that best compliments your own natural pheromones!


xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista





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