POM, scarves for the new season, to keep us warm AND pretty

Dear Frenchonista’s,

On 19 September POM, you know, Amsterdam based “Piece Of Mine”, held their first Bloggers event. They have fabulous scarves and since recently also ponchos, and I was lucky enough to be invited to represent Frenchonista, Samia being in Morocco producing the new collection.
At the event we could design our own scarves, which means I designed two, my own and Samia’s and OH do we love them!!

The POM scarves and ponchos are woven in a 70 year old factory in France and then put together right here in Amsterdam, with beautiful and colorful details. Have a look at my choices here below and see for yourself. I actually really had to control myself because they also have gorgeous silk scarves and great new designs in warm colors. One thing is for sure, you really get noticed when you wear POM because everything they have is original and one of a kind.

At the event, after designing our own scarf, The Chair (http://www.the-chair.nl/) was there to make us pretty (hair and makeup) and we got our own photo shoot (as you can see I have one part of my face covered by an autumn leaf, I thought it would be funny since I was backing up Samia who is the real face of Frenchonista). All in all I have to say, POM sisters Liesbeth and Violet went out of their way to show their collection and present their philosophy and the event totally rocked. We are a fan!!

Buy at Bijenkorf or online at www.pom-amsterdam.nl and do it now, while autumn leaves are falling…

xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista



Samia is really happy with what I chose for her and can’t wait to wear it!
The making of!

Iraida’s Poncho! Lovely Woman! and soon One of Frenchonista’s Angel!

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