Pure Tans! A little summer in wintertime!

Dear Frenchonista’s,

Wintertime has arrived and with it all the typical winter parties. We had Halloween and now we have Christmas and New Years events coming up. Gorgeous dresses are beckoning in our closet and some of us who are not blessed with ever bronzed skin look in the mirror and crave for that gorgeous sun kissed look. So what to do? Sun beds are bad for us and it takes so much time. Self tanning is fussy and we’re not too handy….well, not all of us, and who has the time?!

So thank God for spray tans at our favorite Pure Tans salon!
Pure Tans is not new in the business and with skilled hands they spray us any tone (!) of tan we wish for. Half an hour later it’s done (they also have fast sessions that allow us to shower a few hours afterwards instead of the customary 8). I was a bit skeptical in the past but not anymore. Spray tanning is definitely the safest way to go these days: No UV and certified organic substances only.

Pure Tans is located on Ceintuurbaan 234 in Amsterdam or….and here comes the super special thing….they can even come on location if you’re pressed for time!! What about a session together with your girl friends a few days before the party? Sounds like fun! Take a look at www.puretans.nl or call, because lovely owner Asia Paruch will tell you all about it!

xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista


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