Rainproof with my Senz!

Dear Frenchonista’s,

It’s raining. Let’s go out!
I am extremely fond of products that are both practical and beautiful to look at. The rain outfit that my mum bought for me when I was a teenager definitely did NOT fit into that category. It kept me dry, but it looked and felt so awful that I rather arrived at school soaking wet than wearing it. Pretty silly of course, but still… I had a point
Luckily the 21st century turns out to be the era of design. And the designers of today have understood very well how important it is to combine functionality with looks.

The new global playgrount collection of Senz – you know, the characteristic rectangular- shaped umbrellas – is a perfect example of this. Suddenly an umbrella is no longer just a useful and slightly annoying tool, but a fashion item in itself, an attractive completion of your outfit. I personally totally fell for the yellow and pink model. And of course the fact that these umbrella’s are specifically designed to resist the stormy Dutch weather is a great plus as well.


xoxo Janine Sloof for Frenchonista

senz - global playground collection - Man with senz original (tracks) and woman with senz automatic (single)

senz - global playground collection - Man with senz original (african red - blocks)

senz - global playground collection - Man with senz automatic (sporty blue - single)

senz - global playground collection - Woman with senz original (playing court - blocks)

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