Revolution in skin care: MGC Derma and CBD

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Our newest and most exciting discovery in Haute Beauty this fall is definitely MGC Derma. Australian high end beauty brand MGC Derma has already won multiple award and we have been lucky enough to test their anti ageing skincare line. The line is extensive and has products for every skin type and the main difference compared to other brands is that they use CBD.
CBD (Cannabidiol), already famous for having great results in curing pain, anxiety and movement disorders also has great effects on the skin. Who knew?! The MGC Derma creams and serums we have been using are lightweight, leave the skin smooth and fresh and needs only very little product.

We could write about this for hours but let’s focus on our favorites (for now – because we are not done testing and I have a feeling this list will not be exhaustive!!):

CBD Hyaluronic Peptides Day Cream – Soothing, light textured and giving the skin a radiant glow after only a few days. Samia has felt an immediate smoothing of the skin and the hydration is perfect for any kind of weather. It’s quite surprising how a cream that feels so light does so much work, so we definitely recommend this one.

CBD Neck & Décolleté Recovery serum – Great product in the anti-aging line as well, because with age the neck and décolleté area tend to show your age before even your face does. This one is super effective and again leaves no greasy film whatsoever and if you start now your holiday dress will look that much better!

CBD Active Firming Anti Ageing Mask – CBD and purifying green clay antioxidants. I find this one is great to use in the evening before going to bed but I also have tried it before going out in the evening and it made me look instantly radiant. I love this product because it helps smooth out fine lines but also takes care of impurities. It hydrates and purifies at the same time and that’s a pretty rare combination in beauty land.

We haven’t written the last about MGC Derma so stay tuned for our updates. You can find MGC Derma at
For more information on all the lines check

xoxo Liza Brouwer and Samia Taïka for Frenchonista

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