Sans Soucis is 75 this year!

Dear Frenchonista’s,

we were informed that innovative german skin care company Sans Soucis is celebrating her 75 years anniversary! Two of their most successful and beneficial creams have been modernised and their revised versions are wrapped in new and dreamy packaging too!

The first one is Peach Blossom cream, a beautiful 24 hour cream that diminishes wrinkles and smells divine. It has lots of peach pit oil inside and your skin totally feels peachy soft after using it. Instantly!

The second one is the Deep Moist Depot cream, a moisturizer with lots of thermal water (from Baden Baden) for hydration and a formula that allows all the ingredients (vitamin E, almond oil, algae extract, silicon complex and hyaluronic acid) to work immediately on your skin (without binding agents interfering). It’s now for sale in an extra big flacon so here’s your chance to celebrate with Sans Soucis. And to celebrate your youth and the beauty of your skin, of course!

Limited editions both, so be quick and get them in their super cute packaging!

xoxo Liza Brouwer for frenchonista




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