Sarenza Summer Addicted!

Dear Frenchonista’s,

For me shoes are never just shoes. My choice of footwear often reflects my mood of that day. Have a look at my shoes and you’ll get a glimpse of how I feel. And let me tell you a trick – it is also possible to turn it around: shoes can uplift your day. Really. Putting on a pair of beautiful shoes, combined with a dash of imagination, is an instant mood enhancer.
At Sarenza they have understood that very well. Their 2017 spring collection takes you on an imaginary travel all over the world. The colourful Flamingo Flavor heels bring you to the eternal sunshine of Miami, whereas their more reserved, equally desirable, Copenhagen and London inspired shoes are examples of elegant sophistication. But my favourite pair is possibly the Tribal Vibe. Or is it the Cuba Libre? I guess it depends on my mood.

xoxo Samia Taika for Frenchonista





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