Surfing and Chilling in….Morocco!

Dear Frenchonista’s,

We have a scoop for you! Samia is sharing her favorite holiday destination with us today – in her home town Mehdia in Morocco. So if you are still looking for a fab holiday location, maybe combined with some good physical activity, check it out on !

The surfcamp is all inclusive including a place to sleep, great food and fun guaranteed. There are various packages you can choose from and the owner and teacher, Boomy, is a good friend of Samia. She told us he is fun, always very hospitable and a very good and strict coach. He works with video analysis and during your stay you can also be photographed by Tenor Photography, the company that recently shot Surfgirl Magazine girl Nahid, also a friend of Samia’s. She appeared on the front page of Surfgirl Magazine and was trained by Boomy himself!

So, take a look, and remember, this is a place to go to even if you’re not surfing. On the beach there you can hang out at Coucher de Soleil…Sunset, the café Samia’s father runs!

For all Boomy and his camp have to offer, and all the other great activities in Mehdia (culture, cooking, hammam, etc etc), the prices are extremely good. I wish I could leave tomorrow…

xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista

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