Sylvia Toledano -Designer of fairytale evening bags and jewelry

Dear Frenchonistas,

We are fans of Sylvia Toledano.

Sylvia makes us dream. One look at her jewelry and her minaudieres and we don’t even have to close our eyes to picture ourselves lounging on a pre-revolutionary sofa while eating caviar. Did they eat caviar before the French revolution? I bet they did. But I’m digressing. Sylvia makes us dream about long forgotten opulence and single handedly has managed to make the minaudiere a must-have on a chique soiree or any red carpet event. On a side note, minaudieres were originally put on the map by Judith Leiber, who started her career by designing one for the first lady Mrs. Eisenhower in 1953.
Sylvia Toledano has modernized the minaudiere without making it lose the elegance that comes with the name. Each piece is a work of art and has a spiritual meaning.

What is a minaudiere exactly, you might ask.
A minaudiere looks like a clutch, with the only difference that it is embezzled with a variety of precious metals such as silver, gold or (Swarovski) crystals. The clutch and the minaudiere are thus related and this would mean that Sylvia Toledano and Samia Taika are related! Well, this is part of a dream and we can predict a collaboration in the near future, and that’s all I’m going to say about that…

Sylvia is extremely talented, beautiful and French. She received her education in fashion at the Paris school of Cours Berçot and has her atelier in Paris today.
Besides designing the precious evening bags, she does a breathtaking jewelry collection that is featured in the most stylish fashion magazines all over the world. There are bracelets that look like they have been stolen from a kingdom in the depths of the oceans where mysterious mermaids reign, each intricate detail more sophisticated than the next. There are earrings, necklaces…I could just go on and on, we crave them all! And as such things go, we are not the only ones, because people like JLo, Rihanna, Catherine Heigl and Kirstin Davis have been spotted wearing her designs at important events.

Just take a look at the pictures below to get an idea of why we love her so much.

xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista


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Sylvia Toledano

Minaudiere spotted on Rihanna, see below

My Minaudiere 😉

Snake and Swarovski Clutch

Kourthney Kardashian wearing one of Sylvia’s Minaudiere

Kristin Davis



Byzantine Jewelry

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