The New Swatch Chrono Plastic

Dear Frenchonistas,

I stopped wearing watches about six months ago.

Why, would you ask?
Well, I swore to myself that my wrist would soon be sporting a Rolex, my dream watch. But then I tried on the new Black Chrono Watch from Swatch and I really like the masculine look of it.
I’m now wearing it all the time and I’m planning to get the white or grey version as well!

My ambassador and friend Carolien Spoor is also addicted, she’s wearing it at the AFW and on vacation in the south of France!

Over the years, Swatch has always had a special place in our hearts in some way and now it has touched mine again this year, with this special edition!

Which wil be yours?


Text: Samia and Liza Brouwer

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