Touch of Colour by Hannah

Dear Frenchonista’s,

Your writer is very excited because tomorrow she’s going to visit the Hannah headquarters for a Hannah Xperience treatment!
Hannah is a brand I personally always loved and I can’t wait to live this Xperience and share it with you all. For now let me share, as a “teaser”, a new Hannah product I have been testing during the last weeks. “Touch Of Colour” is not make-up but a unique finishing touch after your day cream. When I first saw the cream on my finger I thought: This will be too dark for my skin! Then I discovered that Touch Of Colour flawlessly adapts to any skin colour. In fact the campaign shows 4 well known women of different ethnicities.
What does it do?
It gives you a sunkissed look
It unifies your teint and optically diminishes wrinkles
It mattifies
It even promises to improve the skin because of an ingredient called “silica”

I’m very happy with this for day to day use. It feels good on the skin, not too dry, not too greasy, it gives me the colour I need now that summer is over without having to wear heavy make-up.

Check it out on and stay tuned for more about Hannah very soon!!

Xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista

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