WHAT WOMEN WANT….Swisscare launches Cellucare!

Dear Frenchonistas,

If the breaking news is that there’s a cream that takes care of cellulite, Frenchonista will be the first to try it out for you dear readers, so Samia went to the launch of Swisscare’s new product Cellucare, that promises to do just that, in a way no product has ever done before!

Cellucare has to be used twice a day, morning and evening, and contains ingredients that helps the break down of fat deposits and stimulates the growth of collagen at the same time. As a result the skin will not only look smoother but centimeters will fly of your thighs even in the first weeks of usage. 90% of the female population in the world suffers from cellulite so if this works, there’ll be a lot of happy campers!

Samia is now testing the creme so keep an eye on the blog for reports on the results….!!

xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista


Arzu Aksoy From I am Zu and Luxury 4 Life PR was present to the event wearing the Angeline Clutch From Frenchonista.

Check out their website for more amazing products!


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